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a Tour Guide System in operation

These simple radio systems have been developed to enable interpreters or guides to talk to groups of people on the move, while they visit places, exhibits or factories.

The systems operate so that the group listens to one speaker. Occasionally a group will be divided into difference language groups in which case each group will have headsets that are linked back to one speaker. The systems are not designed for participant interventions although these can accommodated if the users discuss their requirements with M&R before the event.


Under certain circumstances, these systems can be used for simultaneous interpretation in meetings but there are limitations which have to be accepted by hirers.

The systems can be sent by courier to clients, in brief case style carriers each containing one or two microphones, one transmitter and up to 25 delegates headsets.

Tour Guide Kit


neck-worn microphone

M&R have two systems available on short term hire, the Sennheiser system with hand held microphones and single piece headsets with rechargeable cells. These systems can be switched to work on any one of three radio frequencies. The Williams system has a neck-worn microphone with a separate transmitter, and headsets which have separate headsets and small boxed receivers. These systems are available on three separate frequencies but the individual units are on fixed channels which cannot be changed.

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