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In addition to hiring simultaneous interpretation equipment and our associated systems, we design, install, test and commission systems for sale.

The range of systems that M&R sell are :-

    • Simultaneous Translation systems
    • Delegate Response Microphone systems
    • Public Address & Sound Enhancement systems
    • Systems for the Hard of Hearing
    • Specialist Radio and Infrared Transmission systems

Systems for sale are designed using a range of industry standard suppliers including :-

    • Sennheiser
    • Televic
    • Bosch
    • Dis
    • Williams
    • Bose
    • Soundcraft
    • Samsung
    • Denon

As the world becomes smaller so Global and Continent-wide organisations require ever more sophisticated communication systems. M&R can offer expertise in simultaneous interpretation systems which can stand alone in board and conference rooms or can be integrated into teleconference and virtual conferencing setups.

M&R, with its short-term hire stocks and experience, can help with the design of systems, can provide systems for clients to try out before finalising a purchase and once a system is installed can provide back up from their pool stock when additional equipment is required.

The service that M&R provides includes : planning the system, designing and where necessary making special interface units, installing the system testing and handing it over to the final user. The equipment that M&R specifies will be sourced from a number of suppliers with whom M&R has worked over the last 25 years.

Where simultaneous interpretation systems are to be operated in-house we specify systems that are simple to operate, robust and well tried in the field.


M&R has designed and built systems which are currently being used in three continents. We will install permanent systems anywhere in the world and will always take account of local conditions in their design.


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