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Exhibitions can be difficult environments in which to communicat. Noise levels can be high, there can be sound contamination from other stands and messages from exhibitors may be complex. In any of these situations exhibitors may wonder what is available to help them get their message to their customers.

tour guide kitM&R have two systems that are suitable for use on exhibition stands :

1. The Infrared System where live or pre-recorded messages can be transmitted to individual visitors wearing headsets. The systems can be setup in special areas of the stand, such as a demonstration theatre, or by using the range of separate channels different exhibits can be described on channels as visitors walk round the stand. Using infrared gives high quality music reproduction as well as speech so that the message can be made relaxing as well as entertaining.

2. Our second system is the Tour Guide Kit, however this is really only suitable for members of staff or demonstrators taking groups around the stand but it does let exhibitors talk to their visitors clearly and without interference.


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