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In line with the new Government directive, where possible, people with sight or hearing impairments should be able to take a full part in any event. One way of meeting this requirement is to install a two channel infrared system and to use one channel for commentaries for those unable to see the action on stage or screen and to use the second channel for sound enhancement for the hard of hearing.

Performances with a description are usually well advertised, but the commentaries are not available for a complete run as the commentary requires an experienced describer to enable blind listeners to follow the visual actions while still listening to the stage or film sound.

headset and receiverTo help the hard of hearing, two options are offered. Firstly, a headset which will amplify the original sound track for the listener and will give them their own control of the volume at which they want to listen. Additionally, for wearers of hearing aids a small neck loop connected to an infrared receiver will enable them to use the ‘T’ position on their aid and so pick up the stage or film sound directly into their aid. For sound enhancement for the hard of hearing an infrared system can be added to any standard sound system being used at a meeting, conference or company AGM and so assist anyone with a hearing problem.


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