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M&R is a sound company which specialises in simultaneous interpretation systems, but they also supply straight sound systems for use at meetings and conferences where interpretation equipment is not required, or as an add-on system when Simtran is in use.


M&R's standard systems comprise mixing desks and a range of microphones in addition to the specialised simultaneous translation equipment, so they only need to add amplifiers and loudspeakers to supply a sound system. Specialists in clear speech reproduction M&R provide discreet voice raising such that the sound is so natural it seems to be without amplification.


com 1423 microphone mzh 3015 microphone with me 36 capsule

A range of standard conference microphones in addition to the specialised delegate push-to-talk microphones provided for delegate response systems are available from M&R.

handheld microphone tie / lapel microphone


sound mixing desk Top table microphones, lectern microphones, handheld microphones for Q&A sessions, a tie microphone for presenters or any speaker who may walk away from a fixed microphone; all these units are controlled by the sound engineer at a mixing desk who will ensure the correct sound balance between the different units.


Once the M&R simultaneous interpretation and sound systems have been installed, to add audio or video recording is simple and readily available.


M&R - simultaneous translation and interpretation specialists