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push to talk microphone systemIn addition to the normal, top table, lectern and Q & A microphones seen at theatre style conferences M&R have available a range of delegate response microphones.

These push-to-talk microphones can be part of a simultaneous translation system, where one microphone is installed between two delegates.

The microphones sit on tables, the tables can be laid out as open 'U's, open squares, classroom style or circular tables in a cabaret style.

The microphones can be hired as a stand alone system feeding directly into a sound system, or they can be used with their built-in loud speakers to provide a low level sound enhancement in a room without loudspeakers.

These microphones enable all delegates to take part in question and answer sessions and to intervene in discussions.

The Bosch range of microphone systems available from M&R include the following models:-

bosch CCS 400 microphone
CCS 400 units. These basic microphones without loudspeakers work with separate sound systems or directly with simtran systems. Each system can have up to 70 microphones including priority microphones which override any live delegate unit.


CCS 800 microphone system
CCS 800 units with built-in loudspeakers that can be immobilised. This system can have up to 50 units per control unit and a chairman's microphone with an override facility


Bosch CCS 400 microphones
CCS 400 units with built-in loudspeakers These units have loudspeakers built into them.


DCN microphones
DCN units with built-in loudspeakers that can be immobilised, this digital system can have up to 240 units per control unit which will also operate the interpreter consoles in a simultaneous translation system.
The DCN and 800 delegate units are both housed in the same wedge-shaped base which includes a small loudspeaker.


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