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simultaneous translatorsSimultaneous interpreters are a special group of people who combine linguistic skills and a rare talent that lets them think in two languages at one time.

Simultaneous interpreters working on the private market are freelance and work for a variety of organisations. They work through agencies, in groups and directly for their own clients.

The relationship between the suppliers of simultaneous interpretation equipment and the interpreters that use it is symbiotic, they each need each other to function but are totally independent of each other, having different skills.

Because of this very special relationship with interpreters M&R have evolved an interesting and unusual way of supplying a complete instantaneous translation service:-

a. As a partnership - we work with the interpreters that are supplied by our clients.

b. As a consultantcy - we discuss with our clients what their meeting is about, the languages involved, the subject matter to be covered and recommend an agency or Interpreter group for them to approach to estimate costs and recruit a team.

c. As a one-stop-shop - after a full briefing we put together a team of interpreters for a client, estimating the costs as follows:- the interpreter's fees, the interpreter's estimated expenses and our fee for recruiting and managing the team.




AIIC - The International Association of Conference Interpreters
Business Language Services - based in Abergevenny
Cicero Languages International - a Translating and Interpreting Agency based in Kent
CIUK - Conference Interpreters UK is the contact point for U.K. interpreters who belong to AIIC
Corinium Language Associates - based in Cheltenham and providing a full language service
K International - a translation and interpretation agency
London Translations - an agency for translators and interpreters
We Speak Italiano - Italian mother-tongue bilingual Conference Interpreters


M&R - simultaneous translation and interpretation specialists