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conference room configured for simultaneous interpretationAt M&R Communications we have been in the simultaneous interpretation field since 1964.

The M&R focus is on customer service, technical excellence, linguistic expertise and high quality sound. We work in the UK, all over Europe and anywhere in the world.


We also sell all of the above systems.

  • Interpreters - in this very specialised area we advise, recommend and when requested provide teams of interpreters.


The core business at M&R is supplying simultaneous interpreting systems for events where more than one language is going to be spoken.

Simultaneous translators and equipment are typically used at conferences, seminars, congresses, product launches, committee meetings, board meetings, training courses and many other mixed language occasions.

The M&R service includes planning the system with clients, visiting venues, transporting and installing the equipment, fully testing it and providing trained operators to run the systems during the event.

Administration - we try to make this simple within the limits set to ensure that all details of the event are clearly stated to all parties.


International corporations, who hold works councils, often require to work in more than one language to ensure that all members of the meetings fully understand the management's plans and analysis of current trends. Providing a simultaneous interpretation service for an EWC also ensures that all delegates can take a full part in the proceedings and that no individual contributions are suppressed by misunderstandings or a failure to speak. We are able to supply a complete service with interpreters, equipment and any translations that are required. However we are also very happy to work with a corporation's own language specialists whether they are a translating or interpretation agency.

European Works Councils can be held in anything from two to eight or nine languages, sometimes requiring more room for the interpreters' booths than for the delegates.


At M&R we have seen steady growth as our reputation for straightforward, professional delivery of our services on-site has been established. Today the majority of our work comes from existing customers and recommendations from them, interpreters and venues.

With this background, our main aim is simply to continue to provide all our clients, old and new, with an excellent service. Our goal is not necessarily to be the largest simultaneous interpretation company in Europe - but the best.


M&R - simultaneous translation and interpretation specialists